Core Values


We at Tertiary International Limited believe that service delivery goes beyond fulfilling contractual obligations and satisfying terms of engagement or terms of reference. In the execution of assigned tasks and assignments, we concern ourselves with understanding the significance of the envisaged results to the client and appreciating the scope of the impact of anticipated outcomes on the stakeholders. We continually strive to uphold:


Every interaction we have with our customers is intentional. Our approach towards providing solutions is dependent on the client’s perspective on the matter needing an intervention; this enhances the appropriateness and effectiveness of our response.


Evolution is necessary to thrive. We continuously adapt to challenges presented by emerging issues and configure our approach to carrying out an assignment in tandem with unprecedented bottlenecks and shifts in the context of operation.


We take the role assigned to us by our clients seriously. In this respect, we make every effort to deliver within the predetermined period and move with speed to implement innovative solutions in the face of unprecedented challenges; on the condition that they do not derail any gains made.


Quality output in and of itself is an invaluable marketing tool. In a bid to build confidence in our abilities and technical competencies, we continually strive to produce quality output and improve our work processes and procedures


For the duration of every assignment, we consider the client or procuring entity as partners. The contractual engagement aside, we choose to foster interaction as a unit. This approach yields a cordial working environment and enhances problem solving.


Prudent management of resources is an essential element in the quest for attaining optimal results. As a firm, we strive to carry out every activity linked to an assignment within the time set for the activity, using the resources allocated for the activity and the task force assigned to the activity and corresponding tasks. We make every effort to minimize wastage and redundancy.

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